Pablo Javier Castillo Huerta is an interdisciplinary artist and is the first of their family to be born here on Treaty One Territory (Winnipeg, MB). Their parents migrated from Mesoamerica (Guatemala) to Canada in the 1980’s. Guatemala, as with most Latin American countries, has a complicated history of colonization, economic turmoil, foreign resource exploitation, state-sanctioned violence, corruption, and imperialism. Canada shares many of these same issues and these historical parallels are explored in their practice. Castillo Huerta has a keen interest in the knowledge, mythology and histories of Indigenous peoples, specifically with that of their own Maya ancestry. Sustainability, activism, social justice and environmentalism are also deeply rooted in their practice – as a result, these concepts inform most of the processes, methodologies, locations and materials in their work. Their main disciplines include, but are not limited to: installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, poetry, music, video and graphic design.